The Find Your Truth Series

Unlikely allies from opposite sides of the galaxy—an Earthling artist and a Clangdorian accountant—must work together to save everyone and everything they care about from the clutches of the galaxy's most notorious criminals: the merciless Ricnor Gang.

Your Truth is Out There, book one of the Find Your Truth series is now available at in Kindle or Paperback formats.

Henry Backus is an artist with talent to rival that of the masters of any era. Picasso, Da Vinci, Matisse, Rembrandt, Van Gogh — all would have been proud to display Henry’s work next to their own. Yet Henry’s dysfunctional life has left him with no sense of self or his true abilities, which go far beyond the brush and canvas. After a particularly bad day, in which everything he’s ever known is lost to him, Henry makes a decision, which provides the opportunity to not only discover himself, but to experience true joy for the first in his life, if only briefly.

Gsefx (pronounced “Zef”), is the hottest up-and-coming accountant at Galacticount, the galaxy's largest and most prestigious accounting firm. Late for work (again), he suddenly finds himself in the unemployment line and out of a job. Believing he can bide his time and bypass his uptight supervisor, a Dremin bureaucrat named Qilzar (pronounced “Kill-zar”), Gsefx plans to wait until he can contact Galacticount's CFO directly to get his job back.

In the meantime, Gsefx, who is an avid music fan, decides to enjoy his unexpected time off by stocking up on some of the galaxy's latest music, most particularly the newest form known as Albalan. Originating from a tiny planet known only as Irt, Albalan was defined by a stringed instrument known as an "elek trik gitt-arr." The git-arr was usually accompanied by a variety of other instruments just as primitive and all were played at exceptionally loud levels. What vocals there were often resembled primal screaming rather than true singing. Though Irt was located in a barely charted section of the galaxy, it was also not too far away and if he timed it right, Gsefx could be there and back again in time for supper with his wife Lhvunsa (pronounced "Loon-sa"), being none the wiser. Or so he thought.

A chance meeting between two beings from opposite sides of the galaxy will draw them, and those closest to them, into an interstellar showdown with the most feared criminal in the entire galaxy and will set the stage for Earth’s entry into the Galactic Community.

Future books in the series, Truth Be Damned and The Truth Will Set Your Free, will bring our friends back as they lead the planet formerly known as Irt, into its Galactic Age.