Galactine Standard

Or How Non-Terrestrials Tell Time

Considering that our Earth clock and calendar is based on our planet's movement around the sun, it stands to reason that other planets would likely base their individual time measurements in a similar fashion. That's all well and good right up until the point where you try and meld several different planetary societies, and their corresponding temporal measuring systems into one.

As representatives from the thousands of planets sought to find a way standardize the measurement of time across all of their systems, they struggled to find a consistent measure. Ultimately, they decided upon a system that divides time into units similar to those on Earth (and other planets), but each with a standard length, rather than a length based on the planet's rotation and orbit around the sun. Below is a chart which gives the Galactine Standard (the Galactic Community's common language) terminology and its rough equivalency in Earth time.


Galactine Standard = Earth Equivalent

byt = second

ebyt = minute

sar = hour

rotation = day

multi-rotation or "multi-rot" = week

grouping = month

Semi-Turn = 6 months

Turn = Year