Cast of Characters

The Non-Terrestrials

Gsefx: (Pronounced “Zef”) A brilliant accountant from the planet Clangdor, Gsefx's eclectic (some might call it schizophrenic) love of music is the catalyst that starts the bizarre series of events chronicled in the Find Your Truth series. Rather average looking, for a Clangdorian that is, Gsefx has four arms and four legs, smooth light blue skin and short, straight blonde hair. While accounting is what he does to make a living, Gsefx has a wide range of interests, music, model building and most recently electronics and electronic gadgetry, which as it turns out, can be quite handy in a pinch.

Lhvunsa: (Pronounced “Loon-sa”) Gsefx's wife. Originally from the planet Relnar Prime, Lhvunsa is a green-skinned beauty with three arms and two legs. She and Gsefx met at Higher Learning when set up by mutual friends and fell into an immediate state of dislike with one another. Fortunately, as happens on occasion, their friends knew best and didn't give up. Eventually, the two came around and have been deeply in love ever since.

In addition to her natural beauty, Lhvunsa is also a highly respected architect who was recently awarded the contract to design the addition to the Klarock Museum on Raltor Five.

Qilzar: (pronounced "Kill-zar") Seemingly the source of many of Gsefx's troubles, Qilzar is Section Supervisor over Galacticount's Corporate Tax Accounting department and Gsefx's boss. Like most Dremins, Qilzar is a natural bureaucrat. His penchant for bullying and using rules and regulations to promote his own agenda, has enabled him rise through the Galacticount ranks despite his otherwise average accounting skills.

Qilzar's life was dramatically changed when he fired Gsefx on a technicality - even though Gsefx was his best employee. The firing led to Gsefx's now infamous adventure to the planet Irt, where Qilzar was subsequently forced to join forces with the formidable Lhvunsa and launch a rescue operation

Xtlar: (pronounced "Ex-lar") Galacticount's Chief Financial Officer and Qilzar's direct supervisor. Xtlar recognized Gsefx's brilliance early on and has been watching his career closely, promoting him even when Qilzar wouldn't. After 30 turns with Galacticount (how years are referenced in Galactine Standard), Xtlar knows how to get the most from his people, which is why he puts up with Qilzar. He may not always agree with the Dremin, but he cannot argue with his results.

Xtlar comes from the planet Fweurl and has five legs, four arms, an enormous torso and an even more enormous head. You should never anger a Fweurlian, unless you are quite prepared for the consequences. In Xtlar's case, his normal smooth, light green complexion will turn a very deep purple and the small patch of normally docile blonde hair on the top of his head will change to a brilliant shade of red and stand straight up. A remarkable, if terrifying, sight.

Planvc (pronounced "Plank") Gsefx's coworker and closest friend. They started at Galacticount together more than 15 turns ago and still work very closely in the tax department under Qilzar's supervision.

Originally from Nerill, one of the more advanced, outer-ring planets, Planvc is a whiz with numbers, and therefore a valuable member of the tax department. His interpersonal skills often leave a lot to be desired, however, and this has kept him from advancing further in his career. He credits his friendship with Gsefx for reaching as far as he has.

Tsedle (pronounced "Teedle"): President of Galacticount and Xtlar's boss. From the planet Plurious Nine. Approximately six feet tall, two arms, two legs. Plurians are traditionally covered with thick, dark fur, however, Tsedle keeps his head trimmed neatly for business purposes.

Ricnor (pronounced "Rick-nor"): Head of the infamous Ricnor Gang. The middle child of one of the wealthiest families of Aluria, Ricnor dropped out of his advanced studies and turned to a life of crime. Quickly realizing he was smarter than most of the criminals he was meeting up with, he took the reins and formed the Ricnor Gang, rising quickly to become the most notorious criminal force in the galaxy for more than 10 turns. Medium height, about 5' 10" - dark red skin,  two arms, two legs, razor sharp teeth, long blonde hair, long straight facial hair. Considered quite handsome.

Klarnus (pronounced "Klar-nus"): one of Ricnor's henchmen. A Yelton from the planet Yelt. Difficult to describe in that their appearance is somewhere between a reptile and an insect. Think of something centipede-like, but with fewer legs, a lizard-like tail and the ability to blend into his surroundings so completely, they can appear invisible. Between 5 & 6 feet long/tall - they can crawl or walk upright, depending on whatever is more appropriate at the moment.

Dilnch (pronounced "Diln-ch"): another of Ricnor's henchmen. From the planet Jik, one of the "inner worlds," which are generally known for their over-crowded, hard-knock way of life, and their mean-spirited, but not particularly intimidating inhabitants. Delnch is short (barely 4-1/2 feet tall) and squat, but surprisingly light on his feet. Talks big, but has a glass jaw. Without a weapon in his hand, he is essentially defenseless.


The Terrestrials

Henry – Henry Backus is an artist whose talent rivals that of the masters of any era – Matisse, Picasso, Rembrandt, Van Gogh, all would have been proud to have Henry’s work hanging next to their own. Because of Henry’s dysfunctional upbringing, nobody, not even Henry recognizes his ability. After a particularly bad day in which he loses his job and his wife, Henry makes a decision that will change not just his life, but the future of Earth’s place in the Galaxy.

General Alcorn – General Theodore Eustace Alcorn is a four-star general in the U.S. Army in command of an elite force charged with preparing for any and all “first contact” contingencies with any non-terrestrial beings. His unit was called into action when Gsefx arrived on Earth and although Gsefx escaped General Alcorn and his troops captured the one who helped him escape – one Henry Backus.

Theo – Theodore Eustace Alcorn, Jr., son of the General Alcorn and one of the foremost authorities on fine art in the country.

Janny - Janice Marie Alcorn, wife of General Alcorn and official Pentagon consultant, with a security clearance equal to the General’s.