Absent, But Not Lost

It's never good to begin something, like a blog, only to abandon it shortly after afterwards. To that end, please let me assure those few who have dared to follow along with me thus far, that I haven't abandoned this effort, and that I will try to do better about being more regular with my postings going forward. If it helps, I have a REALLY good reason. (Well, it's a good reason to my mind, anyway.) 

I'm rapidly approaching the end of the first draft of book one of the Find Your Truth series: Your Truth is Out There. (It also happens to be the first draft of my first full-length novel.) I have just a few more chapters to write and it will be complete, so literally every free moment is going into the writing of this book. And when I say every free moment, those of you who work full time, have families and write "on the side," understand how few and far between those free moments can sometimes be.

For example, I just finished writing chapter 25 (loving it!) and am now taking a quick break to write this blog, before spending the evening with my lovely (and very understanding) wife, who I get to see precious little of during the work week. 

Another example is my Twitter feed. Over the past 12-16 months, my Twitter following has grown to more than 3,100, mainly because I'm a good "retweeter," meaning, I help promote others - and in turn, they help promote me (for which I'm eternally grateful). Sadly, I haven't been much of a retweeter and/or promoter lately (like I haven't retweeted anything in over 10 days! Yikes!). It's not because I don't want to - I love helping promote others, but it's terribly time-consuming, and I'm just so hyped-up about getting this first draft done, that, once I have the free time to work with, I can't seem to sit still long enough to do much of anything else except work on the next chapter.

That doesn't make me a terrible person does it? I will be back soon, I promise!!