Welcome to the DAKlog

Welcome to DavidAllenKimmel.com - my new home on the web. As you can see, the content right now is primarily focused on the late summer release of Find Your Truth, Book 1: Your Truth is Out There. I'm very excited about the new book as it's given me the chance to revisit my old friends from my first (and only) self-published novella, Rockin' Across the Galaxy. The entire gang is back, along with some new faces and an adventure that is sure to be exciting, insightful and a whole lotta fun.

I expect to add new blog entries regularly and new content to the site as it becomes available. Especially as other works, unrelated to the Find Your Truth series are published. Or as developments appear in the world of writing at large - like some of the research that Hugh Howey is doing on self-publishing vs. traditional publishing. Or as other random, writing-related thoughts jump into my brain that I feel must be shared! (We'll see how often THAT actually happens!)

Anyway, welcome once again to my little corner on the web. Comments always welcome!